Other Publications

– “Tattoo of a Road Runner,” published in Ambit (England): No 215.
– “What Can’t Be Said, Ever,” “Insomnia as Accomplice,” and “Distance as Unreliable Narrator,” published in Moon City Review: 2014.
– “A Very Old Music” (Fiction), published in Moon City Review: 2014
- “An Opera with No Libretto” published in The Common: No 07.
- “The Romans Made Gods of Their Ancestors,” published in Cimarron Review: No 187.
- “Swear Not by the Moon, th’ Inconstant Moon,” published in Prairie Schooner: Vol 88, No 3.
- “The Hip Bones of a Woman as Runes” published in Cloudbank: No 8.

– “Meditation Through a Neon Circle” published in Bateau: Vol 5, No 1.
“Echolocation and Memory” published in Escape into Life.
- “Light & the Remnants of Storm,” and “What It Means to Last” published in  The Aurorean: Vol 18, No 1 (Showcase Poet).
– “The Importance of the Right Punctuation” published in Agni: No 77.
– “Poe at Home in Kinsale” published in Georgetown Review: Vol 14, No 1.
– “Sad on Poles in the Midst of Fields” published in Blueline: Vol 34.
– “An Invisible Violin with Perfect Pitch” published in The Southern Review: Vol 49, No 3
– “Early Light in Erie,” and “Palimpsest Vespers” publised in Albatross: No 24.
“Woman, Asleep,” published in  Construction, October 11, 2013.
– “Scribbled Water a Constant Reminder” published in Heliotrope: Vol 8 (final issue of journal).
– “Studio Musician with Trembling Hands and Maker’s on His Breath” published in  Concho River Review: Vol 27, No 2.
– “On the Politics of Graffiti & the Moon’s Dark Side” published in The Cape Rock: Vol 41, No 2.

– “The Vocabulary of Loss” published in Albatross: No 23.
– “The Eternal Pleasures of Greek Omelets and Love” published in Pedestal: No 68.
– “For Everyone Who Has Lost More Than They Had” and “Attraction Needs a Medium to Pass from One to Another” published in Spillway: No 18.
– “The Dancing Bear and Figaro” published in The Greensboro Review: No 92.
– “An Indefinable Evening in the Neighborhood” and “Beauty, Stationary, Is Only Half True” published in Spillway: 19.
– “Questions Passing a Small Pennsylvania Town in Autumn” and “A Skein of Mallards” published in Silk Road: Vol 7, No 2.

– “Months of Close Work with Ice” published in Xavier Review: Vol 31, No 1.
– “Photo of a Cardinal” and “Introduction for ‘Dream Landscape with Sleepwalker’” (Essay) published in Of a Monstrous Child: An Anthology of Creative Writing Relationships: University of Washington Press (2o11).
– “As Simple as Math and Gravity” published in The Chaffey Review: Vol 5.
– “Chicken Little and the Boys Have Some Words” (Fiction) published in Alaska Quarterly Review: Vol 28, Nos 1 & 2.
– “The Music of a Woman’s Spine” published in Great River Review: No 54.
– “To Account for Such Grace,” “Early Pastoral,” “The Consolation of a Company of Acrobats,” and “A Temporary Delaying of the Inevitable” published in The Missouri Review: Vol 34, No 1 (Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Poetry Prize, 2010).
– “To Hell With the Deconstructionists” published in Bayou Magazine: No 54.
– “The Desire to Keep Saying Yes” (Essay) published in The Georgia Review: Vol 65, No 2.
– “The Second Coming in Muscle and Fake Leather” published in Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature: Vol 27, No 2.
– Review of Stephen Dunn’s Here and Now  and Review of Nikola Madzirov’s Remnants of Another Age and Carsten René Nielsen’s House Inspections published in Mid-American Review: Vol 31, No 2.

– “Photo of a Cardinal” 50-51 published in New England Review: Vol 30, No 4.
–   “No Statues of Blind Poets,” “Ode to English Landscapes,” and “The Hieroglyph of the Horizon” published in Minnetonka Review: Vol 5.
– “The Fat Man Sings of Despair” published in Alaska Quarterly Review: Vol 27, Nos 1 & 2.
– “Made of the Body” published in The Tule Review: winter 2010.
–  “The Revision of Something Imagined” (Zone 3 Poetry Award) published in Zone 3: Vol 25, No 1.
– “Slivers of Night, Dreaming” published in New South: Vol 3, No 1.
– “A Constellation too Easy to See to Ignore” and “Our Sentence, It Seems, Release” published in Bateau: Vol 3, No 2.
– “Claims of the Body” (Fiction) published in The Laurel Review: Vol 44, No 1.
– “Morning with Loon Drifting Celtic Waves” published in The Aurorean: Vol 15, No 1.
– “Things Still Worth Trying to Do” published in Crab Creek Review: Vol 23, No 1.
–  “Lack of Intent” (Fiction) and “Of Divinity and a Dog’s Bark” published in Indiana Review: Vol 32, No 1.
–  “A History of What Music Can Do” published in Chautauqua: 7.
– “Signs of Collapse” (Pushcart nomination) and “Memory Often Doesn’t Play Requests” published in Illuminations: Vol 26.
– “The Prophet, the Gorge, and the Red Diver” (Fiction) published in Permafrost: Vol 32.
- “Madagascar” and “When the Stones in Ruins Are Damp” published in Prairie Schooner: Vol 84, No 3.
– “Driving at Night in a Storm” 76 published in Eclipse: Vol 21.
– “The Opposite of Love” 99 published in Cimarron Review: No 172.
– “Memory and Mozart” reprinted in Dwelling in Possibility: Voices of Erie County.
– “Monk at the Piano” and “Unresolved Equations” published in 
The Chariton Review: Vol 33, No 2.
– “Monsters We Know Well Enough to Name” and “Not Every Song for God” published in Spillway: No 14.
– “Another Night of Storm in Kinsale” and “At the Farmers’ Market, the Dead” published in Raritan: Vol 30, No 2.
– “Assumptions of Wrens” published in Yemassee: Vol 16, No 1.
– “Children of the Moon” published in Whiskey Island Magazine: No 58.
– “Soundtrack for Mystery in a Field of Muddy Angels,” and “The Bestowing of Grace in Perry Square” published in Voices Israel: Vol 36.
– “Forgiveness for a Late February Morning” published in Green Mountains Review: Vol 23, No 2.

- “The Bitter Residue of Sin, or Lemon” (Fiction) published in Salt Hill: Vol 22.
– “Our Dead Don’t Speak Foreign Tongues” published in The Southern Review: Vol 45, No 1.
– “Jukebox Snow Angels” published in Puerto del Sol: Vol 44, No 1.
– “An Ephemeral Epic Written Absentmindedly,” “Listening to a Scratched Recording of Bird’s ‘Lover Man,’” and “The Indignity of Being Forgotten” published in Big Muddy: A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley: Vol 8, No 2.
– “Just Beginning to Fracture” published in Karamu: Vol 21, No 2.
– “Music Only the Body Can Hear” published in The Seneca Review: Vol 39, No 1.
– “Safe Where It Is” (Fiction) published in Arts & Letters: No 22.
– “Silence and Sound the Body Dances With” published in Cimarron Review: No 169 (Fall 2009).
– “The Ongoingness of Now” published in The Journal: Vol 33, No 2.
– “Out of Jukeboxes and Car Radios” and “A Failed Translation of the World” published in The Laurel Review: Vol 43, No 2.
– “From the Get Go” published in The Dos Passos Review: Vol 6, No 2.
– “Without Grace, Out of the Sky” and “The Road Humming a Sinatra Tune” published in The Chaffey Review: Vol 3.
– “Songs of Lost and Remembered Water” published in The Texas Review: Vol 30, Nos 1 & 2.
– “Before This Sentence Ends” published in The Florida Review: Vol 34, No 2.
– “Off the Hook” and “Maddened by Longing” published in American Literary Review Vol 20, No 1

– “Whatever Light Needs to Be Forgiven Of” published in Laurel Review: Vol 42, No 1.
– “In a Trawler’s Wake” published in Haight Ashbury Literary Journal: Vol 26, No 1.
– “Lucky Enough to Be Able to Pay in the Y Not Bar” published in Blue Collar Review: Vol 11, No 2.
– Review of Sean Thomas Dougherty’s Broken Hallelujahs  published in Cimarron Review: No 163, Spring 2008.
– “Under the White Scar of a Face” published in Cadence of Hooves: A Celebration of Horses, Yarroway Mountain Press, 2008.
– “The Fat Man Remembers a Late Night Thrill” published in Main Street Rag: Vol 13, No 2.
– “Late Morning Behind a Church in Kinsale” and “Everything Said” published in Tar River Poetry: Vol 47, No 2.
– “Husks,” “Loss Has Left the Moon Charred,” and “Some Long Forgotten Sea Chantey” published in Chautauqua: Issue 5 (20th Anniversary Issue).
– “Forgetting History & Loss” published in Blueline: Vol 29.”
– “Every Song on the Radio Sad”  published in The Louisville Review: No 63.
– “Older Music from America” published in Cairn: The New St. Andrews Review: No 43.
– “Meditation at Night on a Woman in Another State” published in Two Rivers Review: Issue 11.
– “A Crude Morning Sermon” 17 (Pushcart nomination) published in The Aurorean: Vol 8, No 2.
–  “How a Bus Terminal’s like a Jukebox” and “Harmonicas and Blue Skies” published in New England Review: Vol 29, No 4.
– “Breathing in the Red Balloon” and  “Meditation on a Sky Beginning to Snow” published in The Chaffin Journal: 2008 edition.
– “Defining Duende” and “A Sign Coming On, Going Off” published in Eclipse: Vol 19.

– “The Ideogram for Passion” and “Between the Sentence and the Line, It Gets Said” (Essay) published in Redactions: Poetry & Politics: Issue 8/9.
–  “Under a Sky like an Opera Gone Mad” (Fiction) published in Nimrod International Journal: Vol 51, No 1.
– “Dwarfed by a Pair of Pudgy Hands,” “Long Enough to Gather Dust,” and “Animals in Their Dark Compartments” published in REAL: Regarding Arts & Letters: Vol 32, No 1.
-  “Not Marrow or Muscle, but Love,” “Migrations,” and “Figures in the Light and the Cold” published inSnow*Vigate: Issue 2, Winter 2007.
– Review of Philip Terman’s Rabbis of the Air published in Mid-American Review: Vol 28, No 1.
– “Between the Touch of One Lover & the Touch of Another” published in Redivider: Vol 4, No 2.

– “The Beauty of Music Doesn’t Have to Be Human” (Pushcart nomination) published in Bellevue Literary Review: Vol 6, No 1.
– Review of Sandor Csoori’s Before and After the Fall and Olga Orozco’s Engravings Torn from Insomina published in Mid-American Review: Vol 26, No 2.
– “Where Passion Becomes Sound” and “Das Lied Einer Mutter” published in PP/FF: An Anthology, Starcherone Books (2006).
– “This Innocent Arrangement” and “A Tarantella of White & Wind” published in The Florida Review: Vol 31, No 1.
– “Instruments to Accompany the Moon,” “Terrified by the Presence of Clowns,” “A Billboard Plastered with Hands,” “Snow Globes & Theories of Breakage” published in Whiskey Island Magazine: No 50.
– “The Snow’s Repertoire,” “What This Fog Would Have Us Believe,” “What the Sky Would like to Claim,” “Ruminations on a Sky Empty of Gulls,” and “Music out of a Fervent Wind” published in theKerf: Fall 2006.
– “Assaying the Sky” and “A Guileless Moon, Whispering” published in Eclipse: Vol 17.
– “Farther Than Music” and “A Body in Motion Can’t Ignore Time” published in Hotel Amerika: Vol 5, No 1.
– “A Couple Flirts at a Public Masters’ Violin Lesson” (Pushcart nomination) and “An Ode in Someone Else’s Voice” published in Third Coast: Fall 2006.
– “The Sky Might as well Be a Priest” published in The Journal: Vol 30, No 2.
– “A Kind of Restoration” published in Virginia Quarterly Review: Vol 83, No 1.

– “Music Left by Another” published in The Literary Review: Vol 48, No 3.
– “A Cargo That Costs All We Have” and “Overcast Parking Lot Salsa” published in American Literary Review: Vol 16, No 1.
– “Fish and Sin” published in Prairie Schooner: Vol 79, No 2.
– “The Heart Treads Water and Hums” published in Flyway: Vol 9, No 1.
– “Confession off the Lake,” “In a Diner in Franklin, Pennsylvania” and “The Amnesic Hysteria of the Sails” published in Along the Lake: Contemporary Writing from Erie, PA.
– “The Burning Wheel Put Out by Its Own Turning” published in 
Willow Springs: No 56.
– “The Only Sober Lover” published in Alaska Quarterly Review: Vol 22, Nos 3 & 4.
– “Confession off the Lake” and “In a Diner in Franklin, Pennsylvania” published in Common Wealth: Contemporary Poets on Pennsylvania (anthology).
– “A Sad Man Makes of the Moon an Absolution” published in Third Coast: Fall 2005.
– Review of Philip Terman’s Book of the Unbroken Days published in Mid-American Review: Vol 26, No 1.
– “To Sanctify the Flesh” published in Artful Dodge: Nos 46/47.


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